A Whale Ate My Soul

Theme by Theme Static

“You become un-glued, you wander “


I look little right now,
Adulthood fresh; it was young and
stinging or illuminating my
wrists and ankles.

Wish I could
exit; through empty
palms and hollow soles.
Don’t want to drink
the murky colors, that I may be lost.

The way I fear is
How she might cut a ribbon;
A mountain as sharp as we wished.
and everytime we tried, once again
our nails cracked in
swollen despondency. 

To bring metaled flecks to
the hidden earth she gave
to these who steal and kick with the

with heavy elbows and aching
Armpits through the
Fire and they are trying to
catch the unplumbed, penetrating
each sounds with an empty or
empty echoes of little marks
beating on the Round. 

Inflammation, damnation to the
unkind words or lights that
brought out the gravel in her Path.

It was then I was Found.